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Very High Conductivity. The standard copper for conducting electricity via wire cables and busbars with 100% IACS is Cu-ETP. For special applications...

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CW003A. Electrolytically refined higher purity copper. Cu-ETP. C101. CW003A. C11000. Electrolytic tough pitch high conductivity. copper. CuAg(0.04).

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Beryllium Copper Alloys · High Tensile Brass · Copper Blocks (Cu Blocks) · Copper Based Master Alloys · Copper AlloyAsk Price.

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maintains an extensive inventory of ETP tough pitch copper in the sheet plate round rod and square bar variety and can provide material cut to your...

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It has a high electrical conductivity in excess of 100% IACS. In the as cast form it is called electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper.

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2001年2月7日 ... A higher purity grade made from Grade 'A' cathode copper is designated C100 or Cu-ETP1. ETP copper is most commonly used for electrical...

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alloys beryllium copper possesses high strength and high ... Tensile strength (MPa). Cu-Sn. Beryllium copper. Beryllium copper. Cu-Zn. Cu.



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CU-ETP/CU-OF – copper containing oxygen and oxygen-free coper for electrical ... which it outprices because it can be found in much higher quantities.

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234 B - Cu Co Be. ALLOY: Cobalt-beryllium copper alloy. ... MATERIAL DESCRIPTION: Beryllium alloy with high mechanical properties and good electric and thermal...

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General Description Electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper alloy 110 has excellent ductility and high electrical and thermal conductivity higher than for...

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We also supply the following alloys Copper from stock: Cu-ETP(CW004A) ... copper-nickel-silicon CuNi2Si (CW111C) beryllium-copper CuBe2 (CW101C) and...

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Copper circular blank. Copper plates. Copper sheets (alloys). CW004A (Cu-ETP); CW008A (Cu-OF); CW021A (Cu-HCP); CW024A (Cu-DHP); CW101C (Cu Be2); CW103C (Cu Co1...

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Copper and Copper Alloys have excellent electrical and thermal ... Copper Alloys of Zinc Tin Nickel & Beryllium ... High Conductivity Copper (Cu-ETP).

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Copper. ETP. Copper. Zirconium. Copper. Beryllium. Copper. Cartridge ... This is an unalloyed high purity copper that has excellent forming and brazing...

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strength (notably Copper Beryllium Alloys) and corrosion resistance. The ... Others. Impurities max. HIGH CONDUCTIVITY COPPERS. Cu-ETP.

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The processing map obtained for electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper (100 ... of Cu2O. It does increase near the melting range reaching a value as high as...

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sources on various alloys of copper-beryllium (Cu-Be) copper-zirconium ... values of ETP copper in the cold-worked condition are high enough for.

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C101 or CW004A is also known as HC or high conductivity copper. ... It also has high thermal conductivity. ... UNE CU ETP. BS C101. DIN / ISO E-CU.

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There are two groups of copper-beryllium alloys: high strength 1.6–2.05% Be ... Cu-ETP is an oxygen containing copper which has a very high electrical and .

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Cu-ETP is an oxygen containing copper which has a very high electrical and thermal conductivity. It has excellent forming properties. Due to its oxygen.

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Find here Copper Alloys CU Alloys Copper Based Alloys suppliers manufacturers ... Beryllium Copper Alloys ... High Tensile Brass ₹ 325/Kilogram.

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Copper alloys with very high electrical conductivity and good ... Copper-beryllium ... which is the conductivity of conventional grade Cu-ETP at 20 °C. Cu.

Properties of copper and copper alloys at cryogenic temperatures

elastic moduli and high thermal conductivity. ... higher-strength beryllium-copper conductor. The ... cially available Cu-Sn alloys are known as phos-.

High Conductivity Copper for Electrical Engineering

technical performance and contributions to a higher quality of life. ... electrolytic tough pitch (Cu-ETP) copper respectively.

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strength (notably Copper Beryllium Alloys) and corrosion resistance. The characteristics of Copper and Copper ... BS 2870. HIGH CONDUCTIVITY COPPERS. Cu-ETP.

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The greatest single field of use for copper results from the high electrical ... Beryllium copper (heat treatable) Cu - 2 Be - 0.25 Co or 0.35 Ni.

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2017年8月6日 ... COPPER. Cua1 - Cub - Cuc1 - Cuc2. Cu-ETP - Cu-DHP - Cu-OF - Cu-OFE ... It is used where high mechanical properties are required.

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The main feature of the copper bars and sheets is the high electrical and ... Copper Cu-ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch): it is the material used for the...