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We are manufacturer of brass hollow rods and brass hollow bar with wide range of ... Excellent for its resistance to dezincification and season cracking for...

Brass Rod - Brass Extrusion Rod Wholesaler from Mumbai

As well as the improved dezincification/corrosion resistance the CZ132 also offers good strength levels is readily machined and easily hot forged. Its primary...

PB104 (CW453K) - Phosphor Bronze - Smiths Metal Centres

PB104 bronze alloy is a high performance wrought phosphor bronze. Found in more demanding applications PB104 offers high corrosion and wear resistance.

Aalco Product Guide Copper Brass & Bronze section only

Brass. Free Machining rod and hexagon. Riveting Brass rod. Dezincification Resistant (DZR) brass rod. High Tensile Brass rod. Naval Brass rod and plate.

CZ132 / CW602N - DZR Brass | holme dodsworth metals ltd

The CW602N / CZ132 dezincification resistant brass (DZR Brass) is essentially a leaded arsenical brass with a duplex structure. As its name suggests it was...

Coppers & Alloys - Euralliage

- the copper has got a great corrosion resistance. The copper has not a great affinity for the oxygen at solid state. The copper and its alloys are neither etc.